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While I’m adjusting to New York’s cold, dry, horizonless space after being in colourful, horizonful, familyful Australia for the holidays, I, Sophie Ward, have found the days jetting by just like the electrons whizzing in circulation around the proton-neutron mass of my body. I don’t quite understand why time is going so fast, and I’m [...]
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In the spirit of a new dawn and decade, I want to share with you some of the streams of words that have arrived at my fingertips over the last year. Eamon Loingsigh has written a book called An Affair of Concoctions, which you may find at The Strand bookstore in New York, as well [...]
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I carry a compass that is attached to my keys in New York. Being back here is complicit in my mind with having my whole head be the compass, and this city be my magnet: However, every way is North, and every other way is West, and East is South and South doesn’t exist. In [...]
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