Dearest Earth, my recent life has been full as your cups are on this great expanse of terraqueousness, suspended in space-time. As you know, I am moving from your New York City out to the edges of your Delaware River, and I am incredibly effervescent about it all. Fizz keg, yes! I know you know we will do great work together there. In fact, it has already begun; Your inspiration never ceases to reach me.

These last weeks, I sat at the bar of your Kingswood restaurant with an inspirational Australian, and wrote these four poems for New York-based band The Kin’s second Dinner With Thieves “performance-based dining series”, held in said establishment just days ago. The poems appeared on the menu that night, the food of which was created by Michael Hamilton and in inspirational debt to your four elements. Legendary music producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T.Rex) and one of his latest charges Kristeen Young were there, as were all the young dudes, plus some exceptional women seated at the bar, and a few stunning bartenders.

The food was excellent, the entertainment scintillated. From the pages of my notebook as I sipped gin by candlelight, I scribed the following in preparation for the night. How can anyone prepare for a thievery? I don’t know who I stole these words from, Earth. Certainly your soul. Certainly my own. I sense I own part of you, as I am borrowed from you, too. In everlasting debt to your magic, The Rajess of the Paper Castle Press.

Earth and her perfumes,

Fecund, fertile, heady

Deep, rich and hearty,

Red red-brown and green

sprung forth from

roots bound south.

We grip her headdress.

We are her dreaming.

Water sinks deep into her,

Rolling, roiling, rising.

The pregnant lakes, rivers, oceans

Rake the sands of her lips.

From misted breath, rain falls

and scars heal. Clarity springs forth

and we bathe in the well of her cups.

Inhale as fish on land, an oxygen ocean,

this sea of ether, atomically lush.

Exhale and trees feed.

We are embedded in a quantum dance,

etheric trance, so unaware, the miracle

of breathing, the beauty of expanding

and contracting as we enter the expanse.

Tension builds as sparks mount,

A prickling burn, the livid melt.

Flames devour kindred fuel,

Eating, dancing, dying duel.

A licking blaze, the dead we raise,

Don’t touch the opera, bodies caged.

Dinner With Thieves was a great success, and I can’t wait to share more of my news with you all. I am moving very quickly, and the excitement and expansion of my new life is taking hold of my existential balls and pulling me forth with glee. Glee! Bodies caged, but hearts are on fire and flying. Thank you to all my loyal readers and fans, you are forever in my minds eye. F.Y.I., further expositions of Prince Henri are in concoction! The scent is sizzling! Follow your noses! Warn the children! Prepare the future! Organize the living room! I am very much looking forward to sharing more soon. Til then… Fizz on.

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