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In recent collaboration with FLY16x9, I wrote a piece titled ‘Egyptian Cloth Bandages’ and re-released the video poem I created with Sebastian Mader last year. We are so happy with the evolution of the possibilities of spoken word! It’s great to explore the impact of words beyond printed matter. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Stephen Blaise, Catherine Camille-Cushman, Thorsten Weiss, Sebastian Mader, and the entire team of people who worked with me during shooting. I couldn’t have expressed my vision in its entirety without each of you. Exciting times ahead!

Please click here, or on the image above to view the new piece.

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Two months ago, I worked with Sebastian Mader and the editor of SMUG magazine, Gaute Drevdal on a photoshoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wore all white, and a necklace the guards thought was straight out of the display cabinet. It was given to me by my dear friend Nicole Trunfio. That same day, Sebastian told me I was not a model anymore, but an artist. What a liberation to hear those words. I understood that to closet myself under any one dimension defies the very fabric of my being. I am not any one thing, but to be heard as an artist opens up limitless landscapes with which to play.

It is in this spirit that I present my latest creation, something I am very proud of, and something Sebastian and I are as excited as new parents for. We brainstorm like there is no tomorrow (which is how it should always be!) and defy each others’ expectations with our mutual idea-making. Last weekend we filmed the second part of this magnificent and ongoing generation of creativity we ¬†have chanced upon. I am so very pleased to present number one in our Ward Mader Cycle, a poem which appears in my book, and will live on in the heart of me, on my soul, and the soles of my feet forever.

A Visual Poem. THE SOURCE РDirected By Sebastian Mader feat. Sophie Ward from Sebastian Mader Studio on Vimeo.

Poetry as an art form has lived in many mediums, from the spoken to the written word. Now it moves to a new dimensions. THE SOURCE is a video poem born out of a vision for contributing the potency of poetic messages to human beings. Written and spoken by Sophie Ward, directed and filmed by Sebastian Mader, THE SOURCE is the first in a cycle of expressions on the journey of life itself — on our basic needs, fears, and yearnings which speak of what it is to be a human today. Sophie and Sebastian are now working on Act II of the cycle, to be released early 2011.

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